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Screaming Banshee Aircrew Flight Support Community's Journal
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Monday, November 26th, 2007

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Cut off his head and burn the body... Maybe then he'll stand still.
Photos of SBA at Cabaret Voltaire, 24th of November '07.

Not many good shots, I'm afraid... I need more microphone cables tangling him up to slow him down enough to get sharper photos. A greased weasel on speed would be easier to catch.

[rant]Better images, with cropping and better composition once I murder the camera shop to give me proper digital neg scans, instead of something made with a Fisher-Price "My first scanner"... [/rant]

t'was a very good gig indeed, much dancing, dodging of overenthusiastic slamdancers ( *cuddles delicate lenses* ), and silliness, as ever. I am mightily miffed to have missed Rome Burns... god, it was an early gig.

Come back sooner than 2 years, or I'll sulk...

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