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Screaming Banshee Aircrew Flight Support Community's Journal
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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

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Photos from Sundays gig at the Bassment:
Person seeking help
I've received the following email, maybe somebody else could help...

I'm Helen, I go to Whitby & I'm a bit of a SBA fan (rainghirl on the Whitby LiveJournal). I also write for an online music mag & offered to do a review of SBA for it. I was wondering if you managed to pick up a setlist at Leeds on 1st May at all, it would just help me to know the order they played stuff in. Love your pics, we got a few too, but not many. I posted the Whitby ones on the LiveJournal, Neil's are the better ones for pics of bands - his camera is better than mine.

Thanks. Helen

Current Mood: just wondering

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