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SBA - LAST ever London gig

Details taken from the Facebook page of our last ever London performance along with some rather fantastic bands!

It's on the 2nd July, it's FREE and SBA are due onstage at 10.45pm.



Friday, 02 July 2010
Time: 9pm - 3am
Cold In Berlin + Vile Imbeciles + Screaming Banshee Aircrew + The Gaa Gaa’s + Stavin’ Chains
SE14 6AS

Getting there: Overground from London Bridge:
New Cross (6 mins)
New Cross Gate (5 mins)
Deptford (6 mins)
DLR: Deptford Bridge

Last trains into London:
New Cross (00:28)
New Cross Gate: (00:31)
Deptford (00:10)
National Rail:

Cold In Berlin: London

Enigmatic front woman Maya is a vocal hurricane as she charges around the stage for Cold In Berlin. Not so quietly building a name for themselves with their live reputation and previous single ‘Destruction’ the anger and thrashing sexual tension they exude is a sight to behold, imagine a Blondie, Ramones, New York Dolls mash up. See them in a small venue whilst you can.

See their last Chamber Performance here:
And some more:

Vile Imbeciles: London

Needing little introduction as we’ve already had on Brighton Junk Funkers on twice, they have now expanded to a five piece and are working on their third album. New songs ‘Split Your Signature’ and ‘Rolling Ice Cream’ have a more laid back dementia to them. Come and see where they’re at.

Jennifer Video -

Screaming Banshee Aircrew: London

We are honoured to be the last London show that Screaming Banshee will ever play and it’s a shame that the stadium sized alt rock never got to a wider audience. Rooted in the early 90s Goth/Industrial scene they merged these influences together with Bauhaus like edge. But its better to burn brightly and briefly than to fade away into anonymity. Come and see them off in style.

Live -

The Gaa Gaa’s: Brighton

Metallic post punk with hints of early Cure. Reverb drenched vocals and sexy sinister melodies. With the same grime and beauty as early Neils Children, claustrophobic and erratic.

"...there’s a menace here that imagines a studio scuffle between prime time ‘psyche’ era Killing Joke and the late 70’s recalcitrance of the Stranglers. Classily caustic." - Losing Today Magazine

‘Entertainment’ Video

Stavin’ Chains: London

Dirty and aggressive, the bass driven hooks judder menacingly around you with as much grace as a fumbling one night stand. Painful moans, sweaty melodies and explosive climaxes. This is EXACTLY the kind of this we like.

Live -

Fore more info please visit:
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