Graham Clark (zotz) wrote in sb_aircrew_com,
Graham Clark

Edinburgh, Saturday 24th November

Screaming Banshee Aircrew

"droll rock cabaret shot through with the dark humour of two vocalists: like some 1920s Weimar Berlin show morphed through a goth-punk processor" (Ed Vulliamy, The Observer)
"an arsenal of tunes clearly outlawed by international treaty" (Sandman Magazine)

Rome Burns

"erudite, wordy, quirky" (Starvox)
"Brilliant in virtually every way" (Mick Mercer)

Cabaret Voltaire, Blair street, Edinburgh.
Saturday 24th November 2007 - Doors 7pm
Tickets £6 (stbf) from Ripping Records, Ticketmaster, or Underground Nation, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh
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