banshee_aircrew (banshee_aircrew) wrote in sb_aircrew_com,

Last call for SBA keyboardist..

Screaming Banshee Aircrew are currently looking for someone to take over live keyboards for their new act in 2007.

We're looking for someone who can help render our current portfolio of tracks in a completely live setting along with enthusiasm, commitment to the band and a shared sense of purpose and direction.

Although we'll consider all possibilities, and the ability to play and attitude are the most important factors, it would definately be of benefit if you had your own equipment and/or a good knowledge of electronic music in a live environment. Of course, if you lived somewhere in the London or York area, this would also be of benefit (and would save you an aweful lot of travelling!).

Oh yes.. you'll have to audition (sometime mid-January, or very early February).. and the money sucks, but the perks are quite fun ;)

So if you think you could be our missing 6th member, or know someone who would be interested, then just hit that reply button.
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