Mister Ed (mister_ed) wrote in sb_aircrew_com,
Mister Ed

Shameless fashion touting....

A proper write-up of the penultimate SBA gig of 2005, last Friday at Cambridge will probably be appearing in the banshee_aircrew lj account sometime today... in the meantime, here`s some shameless touting for a designer that I highly recommend (and not just because because they were responsible for breaking my internet model virginity!;))

As many of you may already know, I did a little modelling on behalf of Helen`s Venom and Bootle label early last year. Since then, they`ve been open for business with their amazing clothing collection available online. In recent developments, Helen has expanded the business into the non-virtual domain and Venom and Bootle will be appearing live at an Electric Ballroom Market near you today (well.. if you live in London, that is ;)).

So, if you`ve got taste.. and more swash and buckle than Johnny Depp.. then I highly recommended you pop down and take a look.
If you`re too far afield to actually visit them in person, then check out the website featuring the worlds premier models wearing the worlds coolest gear ;)

Mister Ed.
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